Web Design BlackpoolAfter 20 years in web product development and web design Blackpool, what I enjoy most about my job is learning new skill’s and how to add this to my work. I have designed websites and helped with marketing for a wide range of individuals, from sport blog’s to a graphics tutorial site, each one needing a website that is special to them. In order for a website to effectively showcase a client, I need to fully understand their vision.

Web Design Blackpool

Having Social and Internet Marketing knowledge along with how to make your website look good is essential in today’s online world. Sometimes my job is to make an extension of a client’s existing brand, and sometimes my job is to create that branding with the client. In either case, it is my job to work with the client to bring their vision to the internet.

Web design projects can be complex, but here at DizzyPress we know how to make them run smoothly. Firstly, we need to establish your needs and goals, what you want your website to achieve and how interactive it needs to be. Does it need updating regularly or is it a static brochure style website. Knowing this before you start is a must and we can help you with this, pointing out what’s required and what you need to provide to us.

We can provide full training on your new content management system, meaning you can update, add new pages and change photos with ease. An up to date website can really help your business keep in touch with your customers, keeping them informed about new products, services or activities you are offering. Not to mention giving a further tool for customer service.