Here’s a little info about DizzyPress! After 15 years in web product development, what I enjoy most about my job is learning new skill’s and how to add this to my work. I have designed web sites and helped with marketing for a wide range of individuals, from sport blog’s to a graphics tutorial site, each one needing a web site that is special to them. In order for a web site to effectively showcase a client, I need to learn about their market, their product and their vision.

Having Social and Internet Marketing knowledge along with how to make your site look good is essential in today’s online world.

Sometimes my job is to make an extension of a client’s existing branding, and sometimes my job is to create that branding with the client. In either case, it is my job to work with the client to bring their vision to the internet.

About DizzyPress

I have also an interest in a Leaflet Distribution business which offers a full in-house design service. Designing a leaflet which brings in results is a procedure that should be fully thought through and tested to get maximum results. So many businesses rush this process thinking that the distribution is the most important. To a certain extent I agree, the distribution has to be done correctly by a reliable company, but the bottom line is….. If the message isn’t right the results won’t be right!!

If you have any questions regarding our services or a project that we may be the right fit for, feel free to ask using our contact form.